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Holy Tuesday, March 28th 1972, at 4.35 a.m.

Madeleine, having opened her bedroom window, started to say the prayer to the Holy Trinity, as she did each morning when her husband left for the factory at 4.30 a.m.
Then she saw a dazzling light in the sky, slightly to the right. Frightened, she got back into bed, thinking that perhaps it was a "flying saucer", because there are people who claim to have seen them.
Eight to ten minutes later she went back to the window : there was nothing. Then, suddenly, in the same place a huge luminous Cross formed in the sky : everything took shape gradually but together, beginning with the extremities - the bottom, the arms and the top - coming together in the center of the Cross.
The arms and the top of the Cross were equal, the Cross was enormous - straight, impressive, wonderful, dazzling but easy to look at and lit up the whole horizon : "a bit bigger than the calvary at Dozulé when I am near it" she explained. (But Madeleine knows and says that words cannot express what she saw.)
A few seconds later, she heard a strong, grave and compelling voice announce :


which echoed as though in a church. She then made the sign of the Cross.
Then gently and very slowly, another voice seeming to come from beside her said :

" You will make known this Cross, and you will carry it."

A few seconds later everything disappeared "in a flash". She took a scrap of paper to write down those three words she did not understand.
For nearly two hours she wept : "How can I make known the Cross ? How can I tell it to the world ? How can I convince people that Jesus is there, that His Cross dominates the world ?" And with regard to His orders : "Nobody will believe me !"
She added : "I thought it was only saints who had apparitions.. I'm only a poor creature, a repentant sinner."
That same morning, after Mass, Madeleine resolved to ask M. L'Abbé L'Horset (the parish priest) the meaning of the three Latin words. He was astonished, asked, in vain, where she had heard them, and gave her the translation : "Behold the Cross of the Lord."
Madeleine became very sad, she no longer felt any spiritual presence during Mass, and thought she would never again see that wonderful Cross. She felt abandoned but stayed calm and in great peace. That lasted about two weeks.
Then a great inner joy flooded her soul. She understood the reason : If Jesus had shown her His Cross, it was not to abandon her, nor was the Message just for her. But then Madeleine felt torn in two ; her natural reserve and the order given her by Jesus to make His Cross known were hard to reconcile. To die would seem to be the solution, but of course that was only a fleeting thought.
Madeleine now lived through a time of long, profound and generous reflection : this Cross dominates the world which has no idea of It, or ignores It, or simply forgets It. And yet It is the world's only hope. It is there to save us, to remind us of how much Jesus suffered to redeem us. However, the astonishment and wonder this vision provoked in Madeleine, were different and did not surpass the spiritual joy she felt since April 1970. She writes :
"Real happiness is spiritual joy, it is to unite one's spirit to Jesus' Spirit, it is to let oneself be lead by the Holy Spirit like a child by its mother."
She adds charitably in her prayers : "Make known to all those who receive You in Holy Communion the spiritual joy You have given me, that they may, like me, draw from each Communion the true joys of your presence."
On Holy Thursday, March 30th 1972, Madeleine went to confession and told the priest, who had rather insisted on knowing, her vision of the Cross. "It is sometimes difficult to keep such a secret," she wrote. She did not tell her eighty-three years old mother nor her husband.


Wednesday, November 8th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

Madeleine prayed with her arms spread in a cross at her window.
The "luminous Cross", wonderfully beautiful, of a brilliance and limpidity to which no light on earth could be compared, took shape, but it was not preceded by a dazzling light as on the first occasion.
And she heard a voice very close to her, very gentle and very sad, say :

"Penance, penance, it is time to save all those sinners who do not love Jesus..."

And she was told a secret regarding an approaching menace to humanity. She wrote : "The world is so confused by ever increasing progress that the Creator is forgotten... And yet, Jesus will come and save the world and its sadness by the Cross. The sufferings and miseries will come to an end. Then it will be the end - peace... Yes, how marvellous to discover that heavenly light which will have no evening. But to attain all the wonders which God has announced, one must have a pure heart : it is time to convert, to do penance..."
Madeleine felt so sad she could not help crying. Coming out of Mass, the priest approached her, a thing he never did ordinarily, and asked her : "Why are you so sad ?" Madeleine, put at ease, then told him the reason.


Thursday, December 7th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

In the same place, a dazzling light like a flash of lightening and the wonderful Cross took shape for the third time and Madeleine heard a voice from on high :

"Audivi vocem de caelo dicentem mihi..."
(Translation : "I heard a voice from heaven which said to me.")
"Tell the priest to erect in this place the Glorious Cross, and at its foot a sanctuary. Everyone will come here to repent and to find Peace and Joy."*


Tuesday, December 19th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

The fourth vision of the Cross with this announcement in a very gentle voice as usual :

"You will see this Cross three more times."


Wednesday, December 20th 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

Fifth vision of the Cross, and a very gentle voice which seemed to be beside her :

"Tell the priest that the Glorious Cross, raised on this spot, has to be comparable to Jerusalem."


Thursday, December 21st 1972 at 4.35 a.m.

The sixth vision of the Cross, still in the same place, at the same time and in the same way. The voice seemed to be beside her :

"Would you be so kind as to tell the Bishop that the priest must not leave his parish before carrying out the task which is asked of him."

Madeleine gazed at the Cross for about 15 to 18 minutes. She said : "This marvellous light does not hurt the eyes, it only dazzles the spirit." Then she heard :

"Find three people, and together say the rosary for the erection of the Glorious Cross, here, on the border of the Dozulé territory."

Note : From that day, Sisters B. and M. said the rosary with the priest, and were told about the apparitions.


Wednesday evening, December 27th 1972 at 7.00 p.m. (Feast of St John Evangelist)

Madeleine left the sacristy of the parish church with the priest, and saw the luminous Cross, much smaller and seemingly higher in the sky. Some seconds after, at Its foot, an oval cloud formed, then the Cross disappeared suddenly and a human form stood on the cloud : "Never have I seen anything so beautiful. His Head was inclined and His Hands stretched out towards me as though welcoming me." She heard :

"Don't be afraid, I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man... Be so good as to repeat this : "O sorte nupta prospera Magdalena !" "Annuntiate virtutes ejus qui vos de tenebris vocavit in admirabile Lumen Suum."

(Translation from the Latin : "O Madeleine, whom a happy fate has made a spouse ! Proclaim the wonders of Him who has called you from shadows to His marvellous light.")

And Madeleine wrote : "I was able to admire this marvel for a few more seconds, then everything disappeared suddenly... I longed for time to stand still... then I would not have been the only one to see Jesus this evening of December 27th ; all mankind could have admired this Beauty... all would have had the same longing as I : to contemplate Him for all eternity...
"His eyes are full of love, gentleness and sadness at the same time, and His voice is of an incomparable sweetness... And everyone will see Him one Day soon, coming on a cloud, and on that Day the face of the earth will be dazzled. It is time to lift your heads, there is still time to be saved... We are all one spirit in God. Jesus has deigned to visit me... He is as present to you, but our bodies get in the way and cannot perceive the spiritual..."

Note : Madeleine has decorated the church and arranged the flowers for a wedding, a task assigned to her because the nuns were absent and which should have been done the previous day, if Father L'Horset had had time to explain to her where the flower vases and ornaments were kept.

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