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The MESSAGE (following)


Friday, April 5th 1974 at 3.40 p.m.

In the Chapel the halo of light formed in place of the monstrance, then Jesus appeared, His hands outstretched as though to welcome Madeleine, who was lost in admiration of Him. "It is so wonderful." He smiled at her. She asked Him aloud :

"If you are Christ, why do I never see your Wounds ?"

The priest had told her to ask this question. Jesus continued to smile at her. She wrote : "What a mysterious sweetness I felt at that moment, I didn't feel I was any longer on earth." Jesus then raised His right hand and said :

"Peace be with you. Say this aloud : (Then, reverting to His usual position and no longer smiling, He said :)
"Jesus asks : why this anxiety, why do these thoughts arise in You ? You, priests who have the charge of accomplishing what I ask of you, is it easier to cry miracle on seeing water springing from the hill, than to hear the Lord's servant saying words she does not understand ? Men of little faith, remember My Words."

Jesus' voice was severe :
"Those who come in my Name will speak languages unknown to them."

After a little silence, and without telling her to repeat it :
"Don't have any doubt, get up, touch my hands."

Madeleine rose, Jesus offered her His left hand, then His right hand. She wrote : "So I took His two hands in mine."

(The people present saw Madeleine stretch out her hands, to the right and then to the left, on each side of the monstrance as though to take Christ's hands.)
He said to me :

"Do not doubt any more. A spirit has no hand, no flesh."
Madeleine went back to her place and knelt down. Jesus said :

"Say this to them (She repeated it aloud) : Do not doubt any longer, it is indeed the Risen Jesus that I am seeing today for the seventh time(*). I have just touched His hands."

(*) The 14th, 15th and 16th apparitions present some confusion concerning the manner of counting "visits" or "visions" of Our Lord.
- at the 14th was said : "Jesus is visiting me for the 8th time", and here the 7th apparition is counted as a visit.
- at the 15th was said : "I see Him for the 7th time", and here the 7th apparition is not counted, nor is the 13th apparition where Madeleine did not "see".
- at the 16th was said : "He visits me for the 17th time" and here the 7th apparition is counted as 2 visits of Christ in Glory, and the 6 first visions of the Glorious Cross are counted as visits (6 + 2 + 8 + the 16th = 17times).

Then in response to the wish of those who did not know where to dig the pool, Madeleine asked aloud : "Lord, where must we dig to find the water ?" He answered :

"The Glorious Cross must be raised on the high mound, nearest to the limit of the Dozulé territory, at the exact spot where there is a fruit tree, The Tree of Sin, because the Glorious Cross will liberate from all sin. Its arms must extend to the East and the West. Each arm must measure 123 metres and its height be six times as much. It is from the radius of 123 metres, space occupied by the Cross, that the 100 metres must be measured. Then, dig a pool 2.00 x 1.50 metres and 1 metre deep. Make an enclosure. Water will well up."

Then Jesus added :

"If your heart is dry, then there will be little water, and few will be saved."
"Vos amici mei estis si feceritis quae Ego praecipio vobis, dixit Dominus"
(Translation : "You are My friends if you do what I command you, says the Lord.")

"Put your left hand on your heart and the right hand over it."

Then Jesus disappeared and Madeleine went back to her place. She wanted to shout out her joy, she wept with joy and said to the priest and another person present, as they left the Chapel : "Jesus is really alive. Risen in the flesh, I touched His hands. They are hands of flesh like ours, they are warm... I want to sing..." At her request they sang the Magnificat. "I have been ordered to say nothing, one must obey the priests and bishops. That is what has restrained me. I would have liked to shout out my joy to everyone, so as to give the joy of the Risen Jesus to all who doubt."

Good Friday, April 12th 1974

After agreement between Sister B. and the owner of the meadow, three men came in the afternoon to dig the pool. It was cold and on a spirit stove at the bottom of the hole being excavated, Sister B. warmed up some coffee for the volunteers.


Friday, May 3rd 1974, 5.10 to 5.25 p.m.

Jesus appeared, His hands extended towards Madeleine. He smiled at her and she was very happy ; she would have stayed indefinitely in His presence. He said :

"Say this aloud : The priest is not mistaken ; this crooked tree is the symbol of sin. Pull it up before any fruit appears, and make haste to have the Glorious Cross raised in its place, because the Glorious Cross will free from all sin."

Madeleine said : "A moment later Jesus joined His hands on His Breast. He looked at me sorrowfully, I saw two tears flow from His eyes. I wept then ; Jesus was so sad." Then He said :

"Woe to the whole of humanity if there is no water in the pool within fifty days of its completion, because Satan is hindering the purification of most people. Remember what I said, I shall leave him free to act because of the lack of faith."A moment later :
"Tell the Church to send the Message all over the world and to hurry in erecting, at the place indicated, the Glorious Cross and, at its foot, a sanctuary. Everyone will come there to repent and find Peace and Joy. The Glorious Cross, or the Sign of the Son of Man, is the announcement of the approaching return in glory of the Risen Jesus. When this Cross will have been raised from the ground, I will draw everything to Myself."
"Find eleven persons in this blessed and holy town ; they will be My disciples. They will beg from door to door in My Name for the elevation of the Glorious Cross. And here are the orders which each disciple will respect :
- work until the erection of the Glorious Cross,
- be humble, patient, charitable, so that you may be recognized as My disciples,
- don't look for any personal advantage, only to have the Glorious Cross raised, because everyone who comes to it to repent will be saved.

Then, without specifying that she should repeat it :

"Tell the priest that I am visiting you for the seventeenth time, for the Glorious Cross is also the Risen Jesus."

Then He disappeared.

Note : The priest and Madeleine had in vain climbed the hill together to try and pinpoint the exact site of the Cross. They then made use of electric torches pointed towards the sky. Madeleine stayed at the window from which she had six times seen the Cross, and she directed the priest as he climbed the hill. This brought him to a little round knoll, surrounded by a ditch which is in fact, at the limit of the Dozulé territory. There remained to establish the exact spot on this knoll where the Lord asked for the implantation of the Cross. The priest thought that this could well be at the crooked apple tree. But he wasn't sure and could not sleep that night thinking about it. Jesus here confirms how right he was.

The pool had been dug by counting 223 metres on a string tied to the trunk of the apple tree. The appearance of water in this pool became the essential preoccupation. They even forgot to go to the site of the Cross. They made a novena after Pentecost for this water which still didn't come.
One night Madeleine and Sister M. dreamed that the water had appeared in the pool. They told the priest in the morning, and he replied : "What beautiful dreams you have, Sister !" The previous evening he had seen that there was no water in the pool. All the same, Madeleine climbed the hill, and saw that the water really was there, a lot of it. It was 30 centimetres deep. They inquired at the meteorological station which replied that it hadn't rained during the night, and that such a depth of water could not be obtained by a rainfall.

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