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Jesus of Nazareth speaks to the Nations


Friday, May 31st 1974 from 9.45 to 10.05 a.m.

Madeleine did not expect to see Jesus because it was not the First Friday. But every morning she went to the Chapel to visit Jesus after taking the children to school. Shortly before communion, Sister B. came to fetch the priest for a sick person. He didn't expect to be absent long.
Suddenly, the halo of light appeared in place of the tabernacle. It was wider and seemed lower than the previous times, and it seemed to be awaiting someone. Madeleine said to Sister B. whom she fetched : "There is someone there, but it isn't Jesus" on seeing someone appear, "it's someone I don't know." Madeleine added : "I felt present in the Chapel whereas before I was totally absorbed by the vision of Christ, unaware of everything round me..."

"This unknown being held a kind of banner, on top a little cross ; this as well as the shaft was of the same colour and brilliance as gold. And below the cross a pennant in cloth, it seemed, carried three words of which I thought I glimpsed the first and the last : "QUIS... DEUS." The lower end of the shaft was pointed like a lance or a pike. The personnage had short curly hair, ressembling a soldier's. His tunic was short, his right hand held the middle of the shaft, a kind of thong was fastened round his calves."

I asked him : "Who are you ?"

"I greet you ", and he bowed his head to me.
"I am Michael the Archangel,
God has sent me.
You will see the Mysteries of the Redeemer
and you will repeat each phrase,
one after the other,
as I dictate them to you."

Madeleine said : "If God has sent you, I will obey you."

Still visible, the Archangel said :

"Per Mysterium Sanctae Incarnationis Tuae."
("By the Mystery of Thy Holy Incarnation")

And he desappeared.

Archangel St Michel

Madeleine said : "I saw someone kneeling, robed all in white. I thought it was an angel. He was looking at a beautiful young girl, with a kerchief on her head. On seeing the angel, she bowed, and stayed with her head bent. She put one hand over the other on her breast, in the same way that the Lord taught me. I particularly noticed this gesture which struck me. A few seconds later, everything disappeared.
Then I saw the Angel again who said :

"Per Nativitatem Tuam."
("By Thy Nativity")
The Archangel disappeared.

Madeleine then saw a baby in a reed cradle, or on straw arranged like a cradle ; there were many people around in long robes, who seemed to admire Him... then everything faded.
She saw the Archangel in the same place, and concludes that he is always there, but disappears from sight because of the importance of the living picture shown her.
Before disappearing he said :

"Per Baptismum et Sanctum Jejunium Tuum."
("By Thy Baptism and Holy Fast")

Jesus was accompanied by a tall man, though not as tall as Jesus. He was dressed in a kind of cape or shorthaired fur. I saw water flowing like a river. This man held a ladle by its handle, he took water from the river, and poured it over Jesus' head ; a few seconds later : Jesus climbed an uphill path, and at the top, sat down. He crossed His hands, raised His eyes to heaven, as though praying, then everything disappeared.
She saw the Archangel again who said :

"Per Crucem et Passionem Tuam."
("By Thy Cross and Thy Passion")
then disappeared.
On his right shoulder, Jesus painfully carried a very heavy Cross, walking in the middle of a path. On each side of the path, a crowd seemed to be laughing. Some raised their hands as though to throw something at Him.
Jesus didn't fall in spite of the weight of the Cross. I was surprised ; several times I thought He was going to collapse on the road, poor Jesus. Then the picture faded.
The Archangel reappeared and said :

"Per Mortem et Sepulturam Tuam."
("By Thy Death and Thy Burial")
before disappearing.
Madeleine saw Jesus on the Cross, apparently dead, the head fallen forward, the torso naked, a large wound on the right side, and under the wound a thin rivulet of what seemed to be coagulated blood. Three persons were at the foot of the Cross, one on each side, standing, and looking at Jesus' face with grief. The one in the middle knelt and clasped the foot of the Cross with both hands, as though she wanted to kiss Jesus' feet, nailed to a wooden support. Madeleine wept.
Again she saw the Archangel who said :

"Per Sanctam Resurrectionem Tuam."
("By Thy Holy Resurrection")
At that moment, Madeleine saw Jesus alive, and a grat joy took possession of her. He looked as He did the very first time, on the evening of December 27th 1972, smiling, His hands extended towards her in a gesture of welcome and He said :

"I am Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Man Risen
(and He added) from the dead. Look at My Wounds."

With His right Hand, He drew away the right side of his robe, even though it had no opening. Madeleine then saw a large wound but without blood. On the back of his right hand she saw a small hole. His left hand, held out to her, also had a hole in the palm, and the same on each foot. Then He said :

"Come near and touch My Side."

Madeleine rose, and put out her right hand, and with the first and second fingers touched the edge of the Wound, which seemed deep. She was very moved and said : "Lord, you suffered so much for us."
She was saddened by the thought that Jesus had suffered so much for the world, the sin of the world, the ingratitude of the world, for all of us, poor sinners.
She knelt down again, and Jesus took up His usual position, His hands held out to her. His robe was back in place ; He said to her :

"Say this aloud."
(He dictated each sentence slowly, and she repeated it.)
"Jesus asks you to let the whole world know the prayer He taught you. He asks that the Glorious Cross and the Sanctuary should be raised by the end of the Holy Year. (*) For it will be the last Holy Year. Every year let a solemn feast be celebrated on the day when Madeleine saw the Cross for the first time. Everyone who, full of trust, will have come here to repent, will be saved in this life and for eternity. Satan will have no more power over them."

A few moments later and in a very grave voice :
"Truly I tell you, My Father has sent Me to save you and to give you Peace and Joy. Know that I am Love and Compassion." And He adds : "This is the end of My Message."(*)
(There is a Holy Year every twenty-five years, and 1975 was a Holy Year.) ( 25rh March 1983 - 22nd April 1984, is an exceptional Holy Year, announced by Pope John-Paul II, commemoration of 1950th anniversary of Christ's Resurrection and our Redemption.)

Jesus was still there when the Archangel, without being visible, said the following words which Madeleine repeated :

"Per Admirabilem Ascensionem Tuam"
("By Thy Admirable Ascension")

At that moment Jesus raised His right Hand over Madeleine and said :

"Peace be with you and with all who approach you."

Jesus lowered His Hand ; Madeleine saw Him rise gently and smoothly and then disappear.
Again Madeleine saw the Archangel who said :

"Per Adventum Spiritus Sancti Paracliti."
("By the coming of the Holy Spirit the Paraclete")

He stayed there and said :

"Jesus has just left you. His Message is ended but you will see Him again."
He added the following which Madeleine repeated aloud :

"Per cujus imperti Nomen est in aeternum, ab omni malo libera nos Domine."
("By Him Whose Name is of eternal Reign, from all evil deliver us, O Lord")
The Archangel said to her, without indicating that she should repeat it ;
"That means : By Him Whose Name is of eternal Reign, from all evil deliver us, O Lord."

The Archangel said :

"Say this aloud : God reproaches priests for their slowness in accomplishing their task and for their incredulity, God has asked them to tell the world the marvels of Him who called Madeleine from darkness to His admirable Light, for the Glorious Cross will adorn the town of Dozulé. They have not done this at all. That is the reason for the lack of water in the pool. A calamitous drought will fall on the entire world. Let priests attentively read the Message and scrupulously respect what has been asked of them."
"Ask the person present to give you a candle."
(Sister B.)
When Madeleine was holding the candle, the Archangel said :
"Put the lighted candle on the spot from which Christ has just left you. Let all who come to this chapel imitate you."

A moment later : "You have the whole day to tell the priest and people who want to hear you ; you will remember everything, they will be surprised at your memory. Let the priest find one person, who will reread the Message three times to him and repeat it to him ; he will not be able to."

The Archangel looked at Madeleine and continued :

"Write what I am going to say to you when you get home. You will hand this writing to the priest when he says to you : "I have an appointment with the Bishop in the week of the Sacred Heart."
"Make a novena beginning on the feast of the Sacred Heart. This novena will consist of one mystery a day -the mysteries which have been taught to you. Then go and see the Bishop. You will tell him that God has sent you. Give him the entire Message, that he may know it fully. The doors will open, the Bishop's heart will melt."

So, in the meantime, Madeleine carefully kept this writing. On Wednesday June 12th the priest came to tell her : "I have an appointment with the Bishop next week." She said : "That's the week of the Sacred-Heart." The priest : "I don't know about that." Madeleine : "I'm certain of it." There and then she gave him her writing, the "note" which the Archangel had told her to write.
She felt impelled to go and see the Bishop, and it was indeed the week of the Sacred Heart. Altogether they made a Novena beginning on the feast of the Sacred Heart. Madeleine wanted to go and see the Bishop."But one can't go and see the Bishop like that, I have to make an appointment", said the priest, "you must obey."
Madeleine wrote : "One must always obey, but I longed to disobey, because I know that God gave me this urge. An inexplicable urge gave me the courage to go there. My disappointment was very great."
Madeleine wept about it, certain that the Bishop would have received her. To please men she had disobeyed God. "I think God reproaches me for it," she said.
She had no means of transport, except a motor-bicycle, and the Bishop lived quite far away.
She went three months later ; "There was no more urge, the grace had passed by," she said after.

The first Friday of June 1974

Jesus did not appear.

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