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The MESSAGE (following)


Friday July 5th 1974

Jesus appeared but remained silent.

Friday, July 19th 1974
The discovery of water in the pool, much more than fifty days after the warning of May 3rd. (exactly 98 days after...!)


Saturday, August 3rd, 1974

Madeleine was in her garden checking if the laundry was dry. Going into the house, she heard a faraway voice, coming from the site of the Cross :

"This is Michael the Archangel, listen to me."
Madeleine knelt down, turned towards the voice :
"Tell the priest to cement three sides of the pool, but not the bottom. On the fourth side, that of the width, at the end, cement twenty five centimetres, then make three steps. Let all come in procession, and not fear to wash in this dusty water, for know that you are dust, and into dust you will return. But your spirit will be purified. This water is not a spring, it comes out of the earth.
Happy the man who will come to be purified and not fear to soil himself."


Friday September 6th 1974 in the Chapel

Sister MM. was with Madeleine when she cried out with joy : "There's the Light !" Then , to the left of the Blessed Sacrment, appeared St Michael,. He said :

"Greetings !"

Madeleine went on her knees before him, a little to the left of the Blessed Sacrament. He said :

"Do not come on your knees to me, but before Him whom you have come to adore."

Madeleine rose, and knelt down before the Blessed Sacrament. At that moment she saw luminous rays stream from the Host. They seemed alive, renewing themselves endlessly as they left the Host, as though from a luminous well-spring. (It was difficult to put into words). St Michael was somewhat in the background.

"Do not grieve over little David's eyes. If God wills he should be like that, it is not because his eyes are closed, but because his parents'eyes are shut to the Light of Faith. Light a candle on the spot where the Lord left you last time."

During these words the Sacred-Host never stopped projecting illuminating rays. Then everything faded.

Note : Little David, with the bad eyes, is Madeleine's grandson.
A short while before, a lady from Paris, praying in the Basilica at Lisieux for her son who had lost his Faith, heard : "Dozulé, Dozulé..." On inquiry, she discovered it referred to a small town nearby, and went there. The story she told about it to the priest, disturbed him deeply.

The First Friday of October 1974

Jesus did not appear.


Friday, November 1st 1974. All Saints.

Madeleine went to Mass at 8.00 a.m. in the Church. Then at 3.30 p.m. she went for adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. She returned for Benediction at 8.00 p.m. with little Ghislaine.
At the moment the priest lifted the monstrance for the blessing, the halo of light formed and the Host sparkled with rays. Madeleine heard :

"Say this aloud."
(She repeated it aloud.)

"..'Dicite in nationibus...' Tell all nations that God has spoken by the mouth of His servant. He has revealed to her that the Great Tribulation is near, for she has seen that the Sign of the Son of Man which rises in the East is forthwith in the West... This Sign of the Son of Man is the Lord's Cross. I trell you truly, the time has come for the world to repent, FOR A UNIVERSAL CHANGE IS NEAR, such as has never been from the beginning of the world until this day, and will never be again. When the calamitous drought already foretold, falls upon the world, only the pool God has caused to be dug will hold water, not for drinking, but for you to wash as a sign of purification. And you will all come and repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which God is asking the Church to raise.

Then at that moment, all the nations of the earth will lament and it is at this Cross that they will find Peace and Joy.

After these day of distress then will appear in the heavens the Son of Man Himself, with great majesty and power, to gather the chosen from the four corners of the earth.

Blessed the repentant for they will have eternal life.

Truly, I say to you, heaven and earth will pass, but My Words will never pass."

Then to Madeleine alone, at the moment when the priest in a silent prayer, on behalf of the Bishop, was asking for a sign :

"Tell them there will be no other signs than the Sign of God Himself ; the only visible sign is the attitude of His servant and her words which are the words of God, and these words are irrefutable.

If man does not erect the Cross, I shall make it appear but there will be no more time."

Then the light disappeared.


Friday February 14th 1975 - First Friday of Lent.
In the Chapel at 3.00 p.m. Jesus appeared preceded by the halo of light but He said nothing.

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Pilgrims meeting

on the top of the Hill

of Dozulé


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