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The MESSAGE (following)


Friday, February 21st 1975 at 3.00 p.m.

Jesus appeared, smiled and with a grave manner said :
"Tell the priest that it is in the Name of God and by Him that you have prophesied. Then, tell him to take the Message to those who have the charge of carrying it out with confidence and humility, because there is little time left to do what I am asking."


Friday February 28th 1975 from 3.00 to 3.30 p.m.

Jesus appeared... after a few moments He said :
"Tell the priest : I wish to pour My mercy into human hearts, first for those who know My Message and then for the whole world.
Those who have the charge of raising the Glorious Cross must not be blind, for there will be no other sign than this prophetess who has been called from darkness into Light. Truly, there will not be any other sign, for this generation is the most hypocritical and the most wicked."


Friday March 7th 1975 at 4.00 p.m. in the Chapel

"Tell the priest that this town, which is blessed and sacred, will be protected from every calamity, particularly each household which says daily the prayer I taught them, followed by a decade of the rosary."
Then the Lord stopped looking in the priest's direction. He looked at Madeleine, extended His hands towards her, the right further forward, and said :
"It is to you that I am speaking (smiling) : "be humble, but don't accept any help for yourself. You have nothing to expect from this world, but your joy will be immense in the next."


Friday March 14th 1975 at 3.00 p.m.

"Persevere Madeleine, in prayer, fasting and abstinence. Persevere without fear of the mockery and slander which will break out against you, for few believe in the words you have spoken, but the priest can bear witness that your face reflects the invisible Presence. After these days of fasting, you will take on a heavy task."
Madeleine felt a little afraid of this task and said to the Lord : "What if I cannot accomplish this task ?"
"If I give you a task to do, it is because you will be able to do it."
"Cross your hands on your breast as I taught you."


Friday, March 21st 1975 at 3.30 p.m.

"Begin tomorrow a novena to prepare yourself for the task I shall ask of you. This novena consists of one mystery a day, followed by the prayer I taught you and a decade of the rosary. Say it with recollection and humility."
Madeleine asked : "Lord, when will you let me know the task I have to do ?"
"Good Friday."
He smiled at Madeleine and disappeared. He had looked at her with a grave air, but with extreme sweetness and goodness.


Good Friday, March 28th 1975

Madeleine went to the church at about 11.00 a.m. then again at 3.00 p.m. for the Stations of the Cross, and at about 5.00 p.m. but Our Lord did not appear. She dreaded the evening because of the big congregation. At about 8.30 p.m. fifty people were in church.
Madeleine saw the Light at the top of the church beyond the high altar, which was now invisible to her. She went towards the Light, and knelt down before the Lord whose hands were held out to her.

"Say this aloud : Why do you weep over the death of Jesus Crucified, when today He is living among you ?
"Pray rather, for those who today, even more than in the past, persecute Him.
"Go back three steps ; you will repeat what I dictate, your arms crossed."

Jesus crossed His hands and lifted His eyes to heaven as though praying ; His eyes were grave and sad, I felt His sadness.

- Mercy my God, on those who blaspheme You, forgive them they know not what they do.
- Mercy my God, for the scandal in the world, deliver them from the spirit of Satan.
- Mercy my God, for those who today even more that in the past, persecute You ; pour your mercy into human hearts.

As Jesus lowered His hands, Madeleine saw a sphere under His feet. He lifted His hands quite high towards the congregation, and white and red rays poured from His palms. He said to Madeleine :

"Say this to them : (Madeleine repeated aloud) Know that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time."

Madeleine was filled with great joy. She said : "I felt that the Lord dominated the earth. It seemed to me that He came in power and glory, for the sphere under His feet was the earth." She repeated aloud Jesus'words :

"It is by the Glorious Cross, which Madeleine saw three years ago today, it is by the Glorious Cross which is the Sign of the Son of Man, that the world will be saved.
Jesus who is at this moment in your presence, asks that you all go in procession to the place where the Glorious Cross appeared. Go and repent ; you will find Peace and Joy there. Jesus asks that every year a solemn feast be celebrated there - on this day." "Notum fecit Dominus a Magdalena salutare Suum."
("The Lord has made known His salvation by Madeleine").

Then to Madeleine alone :
"Write what I am going to say when you get home."

Jesus looked at me and smiled. He held out His right hand towards me. The earth and the rays had disappeared, His look was so gentle.
"You have been chosen, Madeleine, to be the reflection of My Love. That is why you have been set all on fire. After this wonderful day, will you be so kind as to carry out an important task ?"
Madeleine said aloud : "May your will be done."
"Have written out three hundred and twenty times the prayer I taught you, and be my apostle.
Go and tell each household in this town, right up to its borders, that Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death, that His Reign is eternal, and that He is coming to conquer the world and time.
"Say this aloud : You are living in the times when every event is the Sign of the written Word.

And without telling Madeleine to repeat it aloud :
"I want them to say the prayer every day followed by a decade of the rosary. Each household that says it with great confidence will be protected from every cataclysm, then I will pour My mercy into hearts.
If they ask you who sent you, say that it is Jesus of Nazareth, the Risen Son of Man. Remember, don't be afraid of humiliations, slander and mockery which will surge up round you. You will be hated for My Name's sake, but persevere to the end. If you wish, take someone with you. You have plenty of time to carry out this task. Your family should not suffer from it, because this last Holy Year will not end until after the raising of the Glorious Cross. But those who have the charge of raising it should hurry, because the time is near. Do not return to a household whose door has been closed to you.
Say this out loud ; Sin came into the world because of man. This is why I ask man to erect the Glorious Cross.
Tell them that afterwards I will return in glory, and you will see Me as My servant sees Me."

Then Jesus desappeared.
Madeleine rose and found herself in church. When she turned round and saw all eyes on her, she did not dare to go back to her place ; the priest made her a sign to go to the side aisle.

Note : After the celebration of the Passion at 8.30 p.m., the priest strongly recommended the congregation to keep silent about what they had seen and heard, and which they didn't understand. He added that any who wanted an explanation should come and see him in private. Although the recommendation was respected, it gave rise to false interpretations. This recommendation annulled the preparation which Christ had just made with these people - and with others later, - a preparation destined to facilitate the important task that He had told Madeleine to carry out.

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Her Son



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