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The MESSAGE (following)


Friday, April 11th 1975 at 3.00 p.m.

"Tell the priest : I desire that the whole world know the Message. The priests should speak openly and without fear, for nothing must be hidden which should be revealed."


Friday, May 2nd, 1975 at 5.45 p.m. in the ChapelMadeleine was alone : She saw, all of a sudden from her place, the Sacred Host send out red and white rays constantly moving in perpetual renewal ; they were not immobile like the sun's rays. There was no Message, nor a voice, however the monstrance had disappeared to give way to the rays.


Friday, May 30th 1975 at 3.00 p.m. in the Chapel

"Tell the Priest that the era when I resuscitated bodies is no more, but the moment has come when I must resuscitate spirits. Those who claim, in the world today, to resuscitate bodies and heal them in My Name, are not worthy of My Father in heaven.
"Madeleine, go and proclaim My Message to Dozulé. The task which I have given you, you must accomplish. Don't be afraid, I will give you the strength to do it."
"My Father has blessed and consecrated this town, and everyone who will come and repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, I will resuscitate them in the spirit of My Father. They will find here Peace and Joy."
"The first nun who kisses you as you bring the Message, does not believe in the words you say. She under-estimates you. Don't mind too much. Be charitable."


Friday June 27th 1975 at 3.15 p.m.

"Ask the Nun who does not live in this town, to be so kind as to come here on Friday. Will she please bring writing materials. By your mouth, I will communicate a Message to her."


Friday, July 4th 1975 at 3.50 p.m.

The priest had just announced the third decade of the rosary.
The Light appeared and then Jesus. He looked at Madeleine and then at Sister John of Arc who had come with writing materials :

"Say this aloud : This is what the nun must write : this letter is addressed to the Head of the Church. It is Jesus of Nazareth who is dictating it through the mouth of His servant. He says :
"Blessed are those called by My Father who have found Peace and Joy on the land of Dozulé, but how great will be the number when the entire world will come to repent at the foot of the Glorious Cross, which I am asking you to raise.
For the era when I resuscitated bodies is no more, but the moment has come when I must resuscitate spirits.
Understand this well : In the days which preceded the Deluge, people didn't suspect anything until the arrival of the flood which carried them all off. But today you have been warned, you are living in the times of which I said :
On this earth there will be disasters of all kinds : Iniquity is the cause of misery and famine, nations will be in anguish, there will be portents and phenomena in heaven and on the earth. So, be ready because Great Tribulation is near, such as has never been since the beginning of the world until today, and which will never be again.
I tell you, this young generation will not pass before all this happens. But do not be afraid, for behold in the heavens the Sign of the Son of Man which Madeleine saw shining from the East to the West. You, Head of Churches, in truth I tell you, it is by this Cross set up over the world, that nations will be saved.
My Father has sent Me to save, and the moment has come when I must pour My mercy into human hearts.
(Then in a low voice to Madeleine alone :)
"My Message must not sleep at the bottom of a drawer, but be Truth and Light for the whole world."
(Then aloud ) : "This Glorious Cross must be raised by the end of the Holy Year. And this Holy Year must be extended until the elevation of the Glorious Cross.
Thus ends My Message. I order you to give it yourself to the Head of the Church, accompanied by a Superior."

Then Jesus disappeared.
The Message was dictated so slowly that Sister John of Arc had plenty of time to write it. She waited for Monseigneur to order her to take it to the Holy Father. Madeleine had forgotten its contents.


Friday September 19th 1975
That day the Mother Superior and Sister John of Arc were to be received by the Bishop at 4.00p.m. After a decade of the rosary, Madeleine saw the Light at the tabernacle in the Chapel and heard :

"Tell the priest, the Nuns and two persons who know the Message to come here at 5.30 p.m."Then the Light disappeared.
At the hour fixed, the Light appeared, then Jesus. The 2 persons chosen by the Sisters were there. He said to Madeleine :

"Peace be with you. Make the sign of the Cross."
"Father, may your Will be done on this earth."
"Say this aloud : You priests and nuns entrusted with the Message, do not let humanity run to perdition. I have asked you to work to have the Glorious Cross raised. Can't you see that the moment has come because of the phenomena which follow ? Time is passing, and My Message remains in darkness. If that is so the number of saved will be small. But you, who have not carried out My Father's Word, your chastisement will be great. Because it is by the number of souls saved that you will be judged.
Don't act by wisdom and reflection, but listen to the folly of the Message. Because it is by this Message that it pleases God to save the world. - Do not be like the Jews who ask for signs - . But by this unique and definitive Message which God has revealed to His servant. - The words she has said are not of human origin - But were taught her by the Spirit.
The Moment has come when I must pour my Mercy into human hearts, but let those who have been entrusted with the Message be convinced that it is they who are preventing Me because they are keeping the world in ignorance. Remember, the days will be shortened because of the elect, but woe to those who do not carry out the Word of God."

"Take off your shoes and leave the Chapel, and walk until your feet are resting on earth. Then come back here."(Madeleine did what Jesus asked her. When she was on her knees again before Him, He said to her :)
"This ground of Dozulé which My Father has blessed and consecrated, we are not even worthy to put a foot upon it."
Once again Jesus' face became radiant with goodness and sweetness. He smiled and said :
"I am the God of goodness and love. My Mercy is infinite. If my words today are cruel, it is not in order to condemn you. On the contrary I want to save the world by My Message."

Then Jesus disappeared. At that time that Madeleine wrote this, Monseigneur was asking the two Sisters for wisdom and reflection... Jesus answered him here with sadness.

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Pope John-Paul II

in the arms of Mary



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