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The MESSAGE (following)


First Friday of July 1977

The priest had gone to Caen to see the Bishop. Sister B. was also away. Madeleine and Mme T. were alone in the chapel at that moment. Madeleine wrote :
"A cracking noise, and the Archangel Michael appeared to the left of the Blessed Sacrament ; I knelt down before him, but with his left hand which was free he signed to me to go forward to the Blessed Sacrament. So, I turned away, and the moment I knelt down before Him, He sent out red and white rays without my seeing Him. Jesus was indeed there, for I felt myself vitalized by His rays. The Archangel said :
"Greetings," and bowed his head to me and said :
"Devoted daughter, burning with charity, God has established in his Church : 1° apostles, 2° prophets, 3° doctors and many others He has chosen. But you, in today's world, apostle and prophet, act with people according to your heart ; the Consoler is guiding you. God has made known what must happen tomorrow at dawn, in witnessing to all you have seen, heard and touched of Jesus Christ. But woe to the world because of intrepid priests who fight and refuse. God is angered by this refusal of obedience and His anger is cruel. But Jesus, the Meek, the Wise, His love is so great for men, that He wants to save them in spite of everything, because this generation is the most hypocritical and the most wicked, but because of lethargic priests and because the day has come when God must judge the world, He gives His grace to all those who listen to Him, and declares blessed those who make known His Message, and put it into practice.
"But you, Madeleine, who have been entrusted with transmitting it to the priest, listen to him and correspond with him. Remain in the peace given you by Jesus, meditate in your heart, and pray, pray, for Jesus weeps over the degradation of His Church."

The Archangel disappeared, and then the rays that surrounded the Blessed Sacrament.
(Note : On July 1st 1977, the Bishop, wishing to satisfy himself about the continuation of the Apparitions by changing the priest, told Father L'Horset of his move to Pont-Farcy.
He accepted but it must be said that, going to the appointment with the Bishop, his car broke down, and the car of the Sister who came to his help also broke down. Father L'Horset was imbued with the Message, and had organized talks about it for some time.


Friday December 2nd 1977 in the chapel
After the Light, the rays flowed from the Host and Madeleine heard a voice :
"Would you be so kind as to hand over your manuscripts to the priest named by the man."
Madeleine did this.


Friday February 3rd 1978 at 6.15 p.m.
Madeleine went to the chapel from 2.00 p.m. to 4.30 p.m. to adore Jesus. She went back at 5.30 p.m. after giving tea to the children home from school.
"I think I felt drawn to the chapel, to go there at that time. In the church I heard 6.15 p.m. strike, there was only one person there. I trembled with joy, for I saw the Light take the whole place of the Blessed Sacrament as on previous occasions, that is, there was neither Blessed Sacrament, nor altar. Then Jesus appeared, His Hands held out to me in welcome. I was happy because I hadn't seen Jesus Himself in person, since January 2nd 1976 (at the end of the novena)."
Jeus said :
"Make the sign of the Cross."
"In the Name of My Father in Heaven, I have come to put things right. Satan is seducing you. After the ninth day of the promises I made to humanity, he came to make trouble in My Message. But listen well to this : When God the Father sends Blessed Michael, the Light always precedes his coming, and remember My words : evil spirits will come in My Name who will seduce you, and will come even to your houses disguised as angels of light. Don't believe them, they will lead you into error. Be on your guard ; you have been warned. You are living in the period when Satan is unchained in all his might ; but the time is approaching when I shall come to conquer evil."
"You Madeleine, who are the only visible sign for My Message, you will not fall again into error. Henceforth, I order you, make the sign of the Cross as soon as a light appears. If it is Satan, at that same moment everything will disappear."
"Peace be with you."

and then it was dark.
"The Sisters had gone to Mass at Brucourt ; I presumed the doors were closed, so I went back quickly to the house to write, and I locked myself in the bathroom ; that was the only door with a key. I cried so much I could scarcely write : "to have been seduced by Satan ! and Jesus in His great goodness, had come to tell me !".


Friday July 7th 1978 at 2.00 p.m. in the chapel

Madeleine : "The Light appeared in place of the Blessed Sacrament, a little wider than usual. Straightaway I made the sign of the cross as Jesus told me the previous time, and I said : "If it's Satan, let him disappear." As soon as I had made the sign of the cross and said these words, I felt peace and confidence take possession of me."
Then Jesus appeared, smiled and said :

"Tell them what you see."
"I saw Jesus seated, in front of Him a table like an altar, but the altar in the chapel was there no longer. It was a white table, like white stone. On this table several books were open ; six or seven, I'm not quite sure. Then, another book, also open which Jesus held in His Hands.

Then He said to me :
"Would you be so kind as to say this aloud ?"
"Be careful, you all who keep veiled the prophetic words which have been given to you, the book I hold in My Hands, is the BOOK OF LIFE, which My Father has just given Me the power to open, and it is on this holy and sacred hill, the place He has chosen, that everything will be renewed. It is here that you will see the Holy City, the new Jerusalem. And behold, God's dwelling will appear among you.

"But then, those who fight and refuse to hear the words which this humble servant has pronounced will strike their breasts. You, whom I have asked to proclaim My Message, you are guilty of leaving the world in ignorance of what must soon happen. Do not lean on your own reflection. Why do you resist, since I have given you My dogmatic Grace. For pity's sake, I ask you to listen to Me, My Heart is overflowing with Mercy."

Jesus rose, the Table disappeared. He smiled a long time at me then He said :

"Tell the priest and all whom you will meet what you have just seen and heard ; you will remember it all day."

Then Jesus disappeared suddenly and "I was back in darkness."


Friday October 6th 1978 at 9.15 a.m.Madeleine arrived at the chapel at- 9.00 a.m. to pay a visit to the Blessed Sacrament. She was alone :
"At 9.15 a.m. the Light appeared ; I thought of fetching Sister B. but I did not have time. Jesus appeared, His Hands held out as though to welcome me. He said :

"Make the sign of the Cross."

He was smiling all the time. Then He joined His Hands and with a sad expression said :

"Pray and do penance without wearying."

His manner was grave :

"For the third time, Madeleine, I ask you to be My apostle, by accomplishing the task I asked. Don't be afraid, you will be hated because of Me. But afterwards sons of Light will arise in this town."

Then after a silence :

"Today you see Me again, but you will see Me no longer ; however I shall continue to visit you in My Body and Blood."

After another silence :

"But when this Cross will be raised from the ground, then you will see Me, for at that moment I shall reveal to the Churches the mysteries written in BOOK OF LIFE which has just been opened. Tell the Bishop what you have just seen and heard."

Then He smiled at me and said :

"In spite of My supplications, do not be anxious, you possess a wisdom that no one else down here possesses ; your calm and your silence are the visible signs of My Word in this world where action and boldness dominate. May your face always reflect the Invisible Presence. I tell you, obey your Superior, He alone is responsible on this earth for doing the Will of My Father, but woe to the world in peril, for he is delaying."

Then Jesus smiled and disappeared.

Note : Before this apparition, Madeleine had made a novena to know whom to obey.
- The Lord had indeed said that it was no longer the era when He raised bodies from the dead but that the moment had come when He should raise spirits. (31st and 33rd App.) Such a resurrection happened in 1979, to Madeleine's great joy, because it was that of her husband, to whom she revealed, that year, her visions of the Cross and the Apparitions of Christ... Her husband, an upright man of good sense, assured by his wife that she had really seen the Glorious Cross, was moved to tears, and returned for the first time in many years to kneel and pray at the chapel.

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